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     Civil Engineering can be justifiable referred to as a mother branch as it conveniently get integreted into other branches of engineering.

      The importance of Civil engineering as a specialized branch of engineering is invitable. The skill of Civil engineers are mostly utilised to construct and maintain heavy industrial buildings, high ups and infra structural development of the country which is a major economic health of nation. our strength lies in our well equiped laboratories and experienced faculties and involvenment of industrial persons as visiting faculties. The department has following laboratories.

      Engineering Mechanics, Strength of Material, Fluid Mechanics, Geotechnical Engineering, Concrete Technology, Environmental Engineering, Transportation Engineering,etc.

      Our main stress shall be to expose the students to the current on going projects in the field of Civil engineering. We propose to consult and test the construction materials from construction industries, so that the students are benefitting practically.


              Electrical Engineering is branch of engineering, in which activities like Electrical Power production, transmission, erection installation, distribution of electrical power. Electrical engineering is very effectively used in design o f Electrical circuits, electrical machines, generation of electricity, drives & controls.

The electrial engineering are engaged in M.S.E.B. (old), Reliance, Suzion, Zensar, Tata, Public undertaking, State electricity boards etc. They are further engaged in self-business like electrical shop, services, electrical maintenance etc.

We have developed various laboratories such as electrical machine, Lab. Workshop etc.


              Mechanical Engineering is considered as an ever green field. Mechanical Engineering are required in almost every engineering activity. Mechanical engineering are engaged in designing, production, manufacturing, maintenance & other activities. Mechanical Engineers are engaged in various industries suchas mining, transportation, oil refineries, chemical plant, sugar paper mills, textiles, transmission and construction etc. They are further required in Thermal Power Station, Railways, Ship Building, Dock & harbors, Navy, Air force, Software Companies etc. Institute has well developed laboratories required as per syllabi of MSBTE. Beside the student are associated with on going projects for practical knowledge.


The globalization has brought a revolutionary change in Electronics field. Electronics is a large and growing engineering industry focusing on the behavior and effects of electronics in electron tubes & semi conductor, and within electronics devices, systems & equipment. The application of Electronics are in a wide range of products, including consumer electronics, telecommunication diagnostics and treatment devices for medicine, audio & video, computing data storage and retrieval, photography, measurement and metrology equipment, aviation and avionics, manufacturing natural resource extraction and early warning and radar.

        Electronics has a major role in improving productivity in such diverse industries, such as aviation, telecommunication, entertainment, energy & agriculture. The students can be employed in department of defence services, M.S.E.B., BSNL, Reliance, Tata, Doordarshan, Wipro, Infosys, BPL, TCS, MBT, Zensar, L&T and many more etc. The institute has well development laboratories and students are exposed to Electronics industries for better practical training.


            Computer engineering is the engineering discipline that deals with the design and application of computer systems. These Computer systems range in size from tiny embedded processors to massive database and network services. Computer system are also found in consumer appliances, industrial equipments, medical devices, cellular  phones, automobile,avionics, financial trading systems & even. "Smart" Credit Cards. Computer personnel can be employed in various I.T. companies such TCS, Wipro, infosys, Microsoft, Motorola, Plexus, GE Medical System, Zensar etc. & many more. The polytechnic has hundred computers with internet facilities for training of students. The students are allowed to be in contact with computer as and when the students want to work on computer. The projects are done on computer by students.
































































































































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